NATURAL HEMP ROPE:  NEW!!  An all natural hemp rope approx. 3/16" thick and quite strong - giving you another option while creating your own bird toys.

Natural Hemp Rope.....10 feet / $1.25 each

Click for a larger photo of the Sea Grass Triangle Tent/Mat
VINE BALLS: NEW!!  Birds just love these hand woven, all natural vine balls.  Use as a foot toy, string them on a toy or stuff with your bird's favorite treats for that perfect foraging toy.  Approx. 1-3/4" in diameter.

Click here to get instructions on how to make these Popcorn Vine Balls.

Vine Balls....$.65 each
Silly Parrot logo
We have an assortment of wood shapes, colors and sizes for your birds to "beak" and to break apart.  They are all hardwood (unless specified differently) and dyed with our Bird Toy Color Concentrate dyes - the pictures don't give the bright colors any justice at all.

Pick out pieces that would make a great toy or replace those broken parts on an old toy.
HARDWOOD CUBES:  Necessary for all toy making projects.  Cube colors will vary.

1-1/2" Cube (Orange)..2 pieces / $2.00
1" Cube (not shown)...10 pieces / $2.25
3/4" Cube (Green).....10 pieces / $1.50

1-1/2" (2 pieces)
1" (10 pieces)
3/4" (10 pieces)
Hardwood Cubes
HARDWOOD FLAT CIRCLES:  These "wafers" are just fun!!  They are a great size for either the smaller to medium sized birds.  Colors will vary.

1-1/2" x 1/8" Circle (Yellow).....20 pieces / $3.00
1" x 1/8" Circle (Blue).....25 pieces / $2.50 
1-1/2" x 1/8" (20 pieces)
1" x 1/8" (25 pieces)
Hardwood Circles
HARDWOOD HEARTS:  A whole lot-of-love going on here.  The smaller heart shown has ruffled edges.   Heart colors will vary.

2" x 1/4" Large Heart.....$.35 each
Small Ruffled Heart.....15 pieces / $2.50  No Longer Available

2" x 1/4"
1-3/8" x 3/16" (15 pieces)
Hardwood Hearts
HARDWOOD ROUND BEADS:  The picture doesn't
give the colors justice.  Wood colors will vary.

25mm (approx. 1") Bead (Red).....18 pieces / $3.00
20mm (approx. 3/4") Bead (Blue)..25 pieces / $3.00
16mm (approx. 5/8") Bead (Yellow)...30 pieces / $2.10
12mm (approx. 1/2") Bead (Green)....40 pieces / $2.00
10mm (approx. 3/8") Bead (Orange)..50 pieces / $2.50 SOLD OUT
Hardwood Round Beads
25mm (20 pieces)
20mm (25 pieces)
16mm (30 pieces)
12mm (40 pieces)
10mm (50 pieces)
HARDWOOD SPOOLS:  These make great "spacers" between flat pieces.  Spool colors will vary.

1-3/16" x 7/8" Spool (Purple)....10 pieces / $3.00
3/4" x 5/8" Spool (Yellow).....25 pieces / $3.00
1/2" x 1/2" Spool (Pink)....25 pieces / $1.75 OUT OF STOCK
1-3/16" x 7/8" (10 pieces)
3/4" x 5/8" (25 pieces)
1/2" x 1/2" (25 pieces)
HARDWOOD SQUARES:  You can string these on SS wire, Paulie Rope, leather lacing, etc. nicely.  Square colors will vary.

1-1/4" x 1/8" Flat Squares.....20 pieces / $3.00
Hardwood Squares
HARDWOOD WHEELS:  Enjoyed by birds of all sizes because they can chew away the outer edges.

1-1/2" Wheel (not shown)....10 pieces / $3.00
1-1/4" Wheel (Red).....10 pieces / $2.00
1" Wheel (Blue).....15 pieces / $2.50
Hardwood Wheels
"PAPER STICKS":  Colorful and fun all "wrapped" up in one!!  These tightly wound little pieces are made of 100% Virgin Pulp and sealed with water then dyed with non-toxic food coloring.  Fantastic for small to large birds.  We have 3 sizes available.  Colors will vary.

Paper Sticks (3-5/8"x7/32").....pkg. of 10 / $1.00
Paper Sticks (4-1/2"x5/32").....pkg. of 15 / $1.00 
Paper Sticks (6"x11/64")...pkg. of 10 / $1.25
Veggie-tanned Leather strips
Sea Grass Rope
Click for larger photo of "Paper Sticks"
"VEGGIE-TANNED LEATHER STRIPS":  100% Veggie-tanned leather.  The only safe leather for your birds and perfect for all toy making projects.  We have 5/32" wide and 1/4" wide strips available.  The lengths range from 32" to 40" long and come 3 strips to a package.

Veggie-tanned Leather Strips....pkg. of 3 strips / $6.75 each
"SEA GRASS ROPE":  A fabulous new item for your birds to shred NATURALLY.  A tightly hand woven Seagrass Rope provides hours of enjoyment all by itself or if used to string other items.  No pesticides.  We have the 3/16" size available in 10 foot strips.

Sea grass Rope....10 feet / $2.50 each
3-5/8" x 7/32"
4-1/2" x 5/32"
6" x 11/64"
5/32" Wide Strips
1/4" Wide Strips
"BIRDIE BAGELS":  We finally have Birdie Bagels here at The Silly Parrot.  Your birds will just love them.  Birdie Bagels are non-toxic and they provide psychological enrichment for your birds while satisfying the need for chewing, shredding and peeling.  They are great for feather pluckers and destructive birds.  We have a variety of sizes for you to choose from (Bagel size is the inside diameter of the ring). We also have a couple of great toys made out of these pieces over on our Toy Box page.
5" SKINNY BIRDIE BAGELS & 5" MACAW BAGELS:  The 5" Skinny Bagel (5" across x 3/8" high x 1/4" thick) makes a great swing for smaller birds.  The 5" Macaw Bagel (5" across x 2" high x 3/8" thick) is so thick, our Greenwinged Macaw is still trying to get through it.

5" Skinny Bagel.....$.65 each
5" Macaw Bagel.....$3.75 each
1", 2" AND 3" BIRDIE BAGELS:  These bagels make fantastic chewing toys - just hang them from your bird's cage or play gym.  You can slip them over perches easily.  Also, they can be used loose as foot toys, but please SUPERVISE playtime if you think these sizes could slip over your bird's head, especially the bigger sizes.  Your bird might not realize the bagel can be slipped easily back off and there is the possibility your bird might panic...Bird safety please just watch them.

1" Bitty Bagels...(not shown)....10 pieces / $1.70
2" Birdie Bagel.....$.50 each
3" Birdie Bagel.....$.65 each 
7" BIRDIE BAGELS:  Another great size for a swing.

7" Birdie Bagel.....$1.45 each
Click for a larger photo of 2" and 3" Birdie Bagels
Click for a larger photo of the 5" Birdie Bagels
Skinny Bagel
Macaw Bagel
Click for a larger photo of 7" Birdie Bagels
BIRD BITES:  These tubes (3" long x 3/4" wide) are great little chewing teasers for your birds.  You can slip them over rope, leather strips, chain, perches, etc. for added challenges.  Also, stuff nuts and nesting material inside the tubes for a foraging challenge.  SHORT BITES: Now Bird Bites have a smaller version half the size
(1-1/2" long x 3/4" wide). 

Bird Bites.....$.45 each OUT OF STOCK
Short Bites...$.25 each
Click for larger photo of Paper Lacing
"PAPER LACING": This unique but simple "paper rope" is approx. 1/16" thick and is surprisingly strong for its size...Great for preening and shredding type toys.  We have made a few toys out of this paper lacing... Spazzballs on our Toy Box page.  Each pack of Paper Lacing includes approx. 35' of lacing in 9 colors (dark pink, peach, light pink, lavender, yellow, tan, lime green, white and light blue) totaling 300' or more!! 
Paper Lacing.....$3.50
1" Bitty Bagels
2" Birdie Bagels
3" Birdie Bagel
Click for larger photo of Shredding Tubes
SHREDDING TUBES: Back to the good old days - we know these fun little contraptions as "finger traps".  They are also great for your birds to shred.

Shredding Tubes.....5 tubes / $1.00
Click for larger photo of Cotton Rope pieces
Click for larger photo of Sun-dried Gourd/Loofa Slices
Click for larger photo of Sun-dried Gourd/Loofa Slices
SUN-DRIED GOURD/LOOFA SLICES:  These unique 1" thick slices (approx. thickness) are a must for those birds who love to shred.  They are organically grown, unbleached then colored with bird-safe dyes. You can check out some of the bird toys we made out of these over in our Toy Box. Slice colors will vary.
~ Small slices are approx. 3" - 4" in diameter
~ Large slices are approx. 4.5" - 6" in diameter
Sun-dried Gourd/Loofa Slices (small).....$.75 each
Sun-dried Gourd/Loofa Slices (large).....$1.25 each

100% COTTON PIECESJust simple 100% Cotton Rope pieces your birds love to chew on.  Great for all those toys you want to create.  Approx. 7" long

100% Cotton Pieces....$.25 each
VINE ROLLUPS:  This natural vine rollup is just a simple shredding piece your birds can chew on as a foot toy or you can string it along with other parts to make a toy perfect for your bird's liking. Approx. 6" x 1" thick.

Vine Rollups.....$1.50 each
Click for a larger photo of the 9" long Birdie Tubes
Click for a larger photo of Bagelettes
Click for a larger photo of Bird Bites and Short Bites
Click for a larger photo of the Critter Caves
3" Soft Wood Shamrocks
1-1/2" Hardwood Stars
CRITTER CAVES:  These bagels not only make fantastic chewing toys, they now can be used to hide or nest in also!!  Critter caves can be used for your birds or small furry pets alike.

~ Critter Cave...small....(yellow) measures 6" x 2-1/2" and is perfect for  
    Parakeets, Finches, Parrotlets, Lovebirds and other similarly sized birds.
~ Critter Cave...medium....(purple) measures 9" x 4" and is perfect for
    Conures, Cockatiels, Lories, Senegals and other similarly sized birds.
~ Critter cave...large....(pink) measures a whopping 10" x 6" and is awesome
    for Amazons, Greys, small Macaws, Cockatoos and other similarly size birds.

Critter Cave (small)......$2.75 each
Critter Cave (medium)...$6.00 each
Critter Cave (large) .....$8.50 each
9" BIRDIE TUBES:  A fantastic idea for a chewable perch.  These 9" long x 1" dia. tubes can be strung on numerous items - rope, wire, thinner perches, etc.  We have some new toys over on our TOY BOX page made out of these tubes for you to check out.  Tube colors will vary.
9" Birdie Tubes.....$1.45 each
BAGELETTES:  A "thicker and bigger" version of the 1" Bitty Bagel.  Approx. 1-3/4" across x 7/16" high x 3/8" thick.

Bagelettes.....$.40 each
3-1/2" SOFT WOOD DAISIES: We have chosen a number of larger soft wood pieces for you to pick out for your birds to chew on.  Daisy colors will vary.

3-1/2" Daisies.....$.70 each
3-3/4" SOFT WOOD SNOWFLAKES:  We have chosen a number of larger soft wood pieces for you to pick out for your birds to chew on.  Snowflake colors will vary.

3-3/4" Snowflakes.....$.70 each
3" SOFT WOOD SHAMROCKS:  We have chosen a number of larger soft wood pieces for you to pick out for your birds to chew on.   Shamrock colors will vary.

3" Shamrocks.....$.45 each
3" SOFT WOOD CIRCLES:  We have chosen a number of larger soft wood pieces for you to pick out for your birds to chew on.  Circle colors will vary.

3" Circles.....$.45 each
1-1/2"x3/16" HARDWOOD STARS: Birds love these convenient "spacers" because they can chew away the points.

1-1/2" x 3/16" Hardwood Stars....15 pieces / $2.50
Long Bird Bites
Short Bird Bites
1-1/2" (10 pieces)
1-1/4" (10 pieces)
1" (15 pieces)
Coconut Rope
COCONUT ROPE:  An all natural braided coconut rope approx. 1/4" thick.

Coconut Rope.....10 feet / $2.50 each

STRAW HAT:  A simple straw hat to chew up with NO thread to worry about.  Approx. 5" in diameter

Straw Hat.....$1.25 each
Click for a larger photo of the Grass Bundles
Click for a larger photo of the Palm Leaf Flowers
GRASS BUNDLES:  Perfect for your birds to shred.  We have toys for you to check out over on our Toy Box page made out of these grassy bundles. 

~ Small Grass Bundles are approx. 4-1/4" long x 7/8" wide
~ Large Grass Bundles are approx. 10-1/4" long x 2-3/8" wide

Grass Bundles (small)....$1.15 each
Grass Bundles (large)....$3.75 each
PALM LEAF FLOWERS:  Perfect for your birds to shred. We have toys for you to check out made out of these cute "origami" pieces for your birds, over on our Toy Box page.  Approx. 4-5" in diameter

Palm Leaf Flowers....$1.15 each
Click for a larger photo of the Vine Rollup
Click for a larger photo of the Straw Hat
YOUnique Products for YOU and YOUr Birds!!
Click for a larger photo of the Sea Grass Bowl
Click for a larger photo of the Sea Grass Triangle Tent flattened as a Mat
SEA GRASS BOWLS:  NEW!!  Sea Grass Bowls for your birdies to toss, chew and use to hold little toys and treats.  Made from natural sea grass and natural vine. This large sea grass bowl measures 6 inches in diameter by 3 inches high.

Sea Grass Bowls (large)....$4.95 each
SEA GRASS TRIANGLE TENT/MAT:  NEW!!  Just arrived!  Sea Grass Triangle Tent/Mat. It's a Tent! It's a Mat!  Made entirely of natural sea grass. Ships flat but designed to open up to a tent without collapsing. Lightweight and fits easily in many cages and play areas.  Open tent measures 12 W x 10.5 H x 12 L inches  Flat mat measures 18 L x 12 W x .75 inches thick.

Sea Grass Triangle Tent/Mat....$13.75 each
Click for a larger photo of the Braided Sea Grass Mat
BRAIDED SEA GRASS MAT:  NEW!!  They are woven and braided using natural sea grass.  The toy making ideas for these amazing mats are endless.  Approx. 23-1/2" x 13-1/2" x 3/4" thick. 

Braided Sea Grass Mat.....$10.00 each
Click for a larger photo of the All Natural Hemp Rope
Click for a larger photo of the Dried Corn Husks
Click for a larger photo of the Mahogany Beans
Click for a larger photo of the Vine Balls
MAHOGANY BEANS: NEW!!  An ideal all natural fruit pod for your birds to chew up especially the pickiest of birds.  Approx. 3" - 4" in length & 1" - 1-1/2" in diameter with a 5/16" hole drilled in them.

Mahogany Beans....$.50 each
Click for a larger photo of the Popcorn Vine Balls and directions on how to make them
DRIED CORN HUSKS:  NEW!!  Perfect as is, these husks can be rolled up and placed inside Birdie Bagels or you can dampen them slightly and wrap them around your birds favorite nut, let them dry and have a new foraging toy.