A larger photo of the Vine Balls
A larger photo of the Popcorn Vine Balls
POPCORN VINE BALLS are quite simple to make...

1)  Moisten a paper towel and place in the palm of your hand, then the vine ball. 
2)  While you are cupping the paper towel around the vine ball, drop all natural, no salt, no butter white popcorn kernels inside the vine ball.  Cupping the paper towel underneath and close to the ball will help keep the kernels from falling out. 
3)  After placing the kernels inside the vine ball, finish wrapping the whole vine ball with the paper towel.
4)  Place on a paper plate and microwave approximately 2-3 minutes on high.  This amount of time will vary per microwave.  Please be sure to SUPERVISE this process because the paper towel will dry as the popcorn kernels begin to pop and also the vine ball can burn if microwaved too long. 
5)  Let cool for 15 minutes before letting your birds attack these fun foraging popcorn balls.