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White Wings Farm Fiona's Fruit Bread
White Wings Farm Gabriella's Multigrain Bread
White Wings Farm Truly's Veggie Bread
White Wings Farm Piccolo's Porridge mix
White Wings Farm Pyewacket's Pea Soup mix
WHITE WINGS FARM strives to bring only the best to your birds...they have found a selection of grains, fruits, veggies, herbs and spices and they have combined these ingredients in different ways to create porridges and breads.  They use only all natural ingredients with no sugar, salt or preservatives added.  All of their products are named after some of their beloved birds showing how much love goes into each and every one of their products.
These BIRDIE BREAD MIXES are almost ready to bake - just add egg, applesauce, honey and soy milk and there you have it...slice it up, wrap it up, put in the freezer and you have instant bread to warm up and serve to your fids at any time you need some fast food.  Each mix comes with the pans to cook them in.
These HOMEMADE BIRDIE MIXES help add variety to your bird's diet while supplying nutrition.  They aren't hard to make either.  Just add water or try juices or broths for super easy cooking.
FIONA'S FRUIT BREAD MIX (16 oz):  A mix with a spelt flour and rolled oats base creating a sweet, nutty-tasting and delicious bread for your birds to gobble up.  You can see for yourself that this bread is also overflowing with bananas, papayas, pineapple and cranberries.  Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and aluminum-free baking powder are also added to finish off this bird pleaser.
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Fiona's Fruit Bread Mix Double Loaves...$7.95each
GABRIELLA'S MULTIGRAIN BREAD MIX (22 oz):  Made with at least five different whole grain flours (including spelt, whole wheat, kamut, quinoa, buckwheat and rolled oats), this bread is also loaded with spelt kernels, kamut berries, hulled millet, rye berries, oat groats, flax, ginger, allspice and aluminum-free baking powder.  This bread is very rich and heavy in nutrition and flavor.

Gabby's Multigrain Bread Mix Double Loaves...$8.50 each
TRULY'S VEGGIE BREAD MIX (16 oz):  Made with a buckwheat (a form of broccoli) flour base and loaded with carrots, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and fennel seeds you can see in every single slice.  This bread is "truly" a favorite for all birds.
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Truly's Veggie Bread Mix Double Loaves...$7.95 each

PICCOLO'S PORRIDGE MIX (16 oz):  Loaded with brown rice, buckwheat, oat groats, wheat, corn, carrots, split peas and garbanzo beans.  This mix creates a unique blend to serve alone or with other favorite foods added.
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Piccolo's Porridge Mix 16 oz. bag...$4.95 each
PYEWACKET'S PEA SOUP MIX (16 oz):  A blend of split green and yellow peas, red lentils, pearl barley, brown rice and carrots creating a very tasty and nutritious chowder.  For Finches to Macaws.
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Pyewacket's Pea Soup Mix 16 oz. bag...$4.95 each

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