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Roudybush Medium
Simply the Best
World famous zoos,
avian veterinarians, and
breeders worldwide feed
Roudybush because it's a more
complete and nutritionally
balanced diet than seed.
~ 100% edible ~
` No added sugar ~
` No animal By-products ~
~ No artificial colors or flavors ~
~Vitamins and minerals in every bite ~
Pellet sizes for your birds (photos are approx. actual size)
MEDIUM:  African Greys, Eclectus, Large Conures, Ringnecks, Rosellas and Timnehs
ROUDYBUSH products insure that your bird is getting the right nutrients in each pellet.
DAILY MAINTENANCE is a highly palatable diet for the average bird and supplies
nutrients needed to allow birds to look their best and to live long, healthy lives.

Daily Maintenance...44 oz. package.....$12.95 NO LONGER AVAILABLE (special order only at an additional cost)
LOW-FAT DAILY MAINTENANCE addresses the widespread problem of obesity in
pet birds. We are no longer carrying all sizes - we carry the Medium size only.

Low-Fat Daily Maintenance (Medium) 44 oz. package.....$12.95
Roudybush Resealable Bags
Now in Resealable Bags!!
RICE DIET:  Roudybush introduces a new maintenance diet formulated from rice products, minerals and vitamins.  Birds showing signs of allergies to other food products such as feather picking may benefit from this diet (Although this product does not require a veterinarian's prescription, with all serious health problems, it is recommended that a visit with a qualified veterinarian be scheduled to rule out other causes of self-destructive behavior before changing a birds' diet.) We have the Small pellet size available.
Roudybush Small Rice Diet (18 oz).....$15.95