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Roudybush Medium
Simply the Best
World famous zoos,
avian veterinarians, and
breeders worldwide feed
Roudybush because it's a more
complete and nutritionally
balanced diet than seed.
~ 100% edible ~
` No added sugar ~
` No animal By-products ~
~ No artificial colors or flavors ~
~Vitamins and minerals in every bite ~
Pellet sizes for your birds (photos are approx. actual size)
MEDIUM:  African Greys, Eclectus, Large Conures, Ringnecks, Rosellas and Timnehs
ROUDYBUSH products insure that your bird is getting the right nutrients in each pellet.
DAILY MAINTENANCE is a highly palatable diet for the average bird and supplies
nutrients needed to allow birds to look their best and to live long, healthy lives.

Daily Maintenance...44 oz. package.....$12.95 NO LONGER AVAILABLE (special order only at an additional cost)
LOW-FAT DAILY MAINTENANCE addresses the widespread problem of obesity in
pet birds. We are no longer carrying all sizes - we carry the Medium size only.

Low-Fat Daily Maintenance (Medium) 44 oz. package.....$12.95
Roudybush Resealable Bags
Now in Resealable Bags!!