GOLDEN SUNBURST MILLET:  Fresh picked, hand harvested, hand graded and packed, this extra plump golden spray millet is a nutritious treat that is also a fun way for your birds to eat.  Sun-drenched goodness in every nibble, millet is low in fat, very easily digested and an excellent source of carbohydratesGrain sizes will vary.

Golden Sunburst Millet...
~ Is 100% Natural
~ Contains no Fillers or Additives
~ Is perfect during breeding or molting times
~ Is great for recovering birds
The 8 oz. bag contains approx. 7-8 sprays
The 2.5 lb. bag contains approx. 32-34 sprays

Millet...8 oz. bag...$4.00 OUT OF STOCK
Millet...1 lb. bag....$7.50 OUT OF STOCK
Millet...2.5 lb. bag...$17.00  OUT OF STOCK
Millet...5 lb. bag.....$29.00  OUT OF STOCK
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JUNGLE TALK GARDEN KABOB:  Stack snacks, fruits and veggies on a stainless steel skewer then attach it to the cage with included quick link.  It is also great to string wood parts or toys for chewing and shredding. Dishwasher-safe.  Garden Kabob has a plastic apple-shaped twist-off handle and a narrow twist-off bottom. Approx. 2" x 8"  
Jungle Talk Garden Kabob (small)....$7.50 each

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Cuttlebone and Treat Holder
CUTTLEBONE AND TREAT HOLDER:  This holder is made of a durable plastic and is ideal for holding Millet sprays, veggies, fruits and other smaller items you may like to attach to your bird's cage.

Cuttlebone and Treat Holder....$1.75 each
Cuttlebone & Treat Holder:
Jungle Talk Garden Kabob
Scooter Z's Skewers
SCOOTER Z'S SKEWERS:  The stainless steel welded skewer bottom easily unscrews on and off to change out components or fruits, veggies and treats daily. These skewers include a stainless steel quick link for easy hanging. Use your imagination, these are a MUST HAVE for your bird's toy chest!

Size: Medium
3.5mm SS Skewer
2.5mm SS Quick Link
Overall Height:  9.25"
Inside hole diameter: .25"

Size: Large
4mm SS Skewer
3.5mm SS Quick Link
Overall Height:  11.25"
Inside hole diameter: .25"

Scooter Z's Skewer (medium)....$6.25 each 
Scooter Z's Skewer (large).....$7.50 each

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