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CAITEC OVEN FRESH BITES: "An all natural avian diet providing the solution for the discriminating bird owner who is looking for a nutritionally balanced, premium pet bird diet. There is an unmistakable aroma of freshness, an inviting semi crunchy texture associated with fresh baked goodies just coming out of the oven.  These nuggets/pellets favorably compare to what you might bake at home in your own kitchen, incorporating wholesome fresh local ingredients and slowly baking them to perfection.

Oven Fresh Bites is an all natural avian diet and contains:
·no added sugar
·no artificial coloring
·no artificial flavors
·no chemical preservatives used in the baking process.

Oven Fresh Bites contains natural ingredients selected to appeal to the preferences of specific birds, each ingredient provides a specific nutritional benefit.  Together these components supply the foundation for good health, aid in the digestive process, provide necessary energy and improve skin and feather condition.

Medium Bites are for Conures, Caiques, Senegals, African Greys, Amazons, etc.

Our selection of ingredients is remarkably similar to the process you go through when preparing a meal for your family.  Like you, we try to use the best products and provide as much variety as possible.  We both know this will have an effect on cost but we also know it will have an even greater effect on the outcome by allowing us to achieve a healthy lifestyle through diet, for our families and our pets.

Check the list of ingredients in each Oven Fresh formula, it clearly illustrates that no health promoting products have been omitted.  In addition, care has been taken to supply appropriate levels of the essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and a healthy balance Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids."    INGREDIENTS

Caitec Oven Fresh Bites 28 oz. bag (Medium bites)....$15.95 each
Caitec Oven Fresh Bites
Bite Size:
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